By way of registering & participating in Start-Up Souq 2nd Edition 2022 the entrants / start-ups agree to solemnly abide by the below stated Terms & Conditions

  1. Start-Up Souq 2nd Edition 2022 is an initiative bought to you by Stallions Capital
  2. Stallions Capital is a brand name and the name of the registered legal entity in UAE is MARKITEXX FZ-LLC
  3. The decision of the jury panel of Start-Up Souq 2nd Edition 2022 is final & binding on all matters pertaining to this event
  4. Data Privacy – The information shared at the time of registration with Start-Up Souq 2nd Edition 2022 shall be kept confidential at all times. However by registering you agree that your contact details alone can be shared with the jury and broader existing & prospective partner network
  5. Stallions Capital reserves the right to use and publish your start-ups brand name & logo in any of their marketing collaterals; e-Mailers, Linkedin post, jpegs, Press releases, etc
  6. By participating in Start-Up Souq 2nd Edition 2022 the participants hold Stallions Capital harmless and along with that they also hold any subsidiary/subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, partners, jury members / managing committee / partners / sponsors and employees free of any and all liability or any injuries, loss or damage of any kind arising from or in connection with participating in this event
  7. Information on the Top 10 / Top 25 / Top 50 start-ups at Start-Up Souq 2nd Edition 2022 shall be revealed on the website within 4 weeks of registrations being closed. The same shall also be released on the LinkedIn page of Stallions Capital
  8. The Top 10 / Top 25 / Top 50 selected start-ups at Start-Up Souq 2021 shall be contacted via e-Mail and the relevant information on the next steps shall be provided. In order to proceed to the next level and get to the funding phase the start-up shall have to undertake paperwork / agreement with Stallions Capital (Registered Entity Name – MARKITEXX FZ-LLC) and the agreement would establish a fee which would be applicable. The fee could best be described as an Investment Banking Fee and be in the range of 4% to 7.5% on the funding amount that the start-up shall receive from a VC / Investor via Start-Up Souq 2nd Edition 2022
  9. If an in-person / physical event is lined up where a start-up shall be meeting VC’s, getting felicitated and receiving a trophy / certificate then a one-time charge might be levied for attending the same and this would have to be paid before the event
  10. Stallions Capital reserves the full and final right in association with the jury about entries that may be rejected or considered not worthy of being declared a winner and no external party can influence this decision
  11. Payment if any towards registering for Start-Up Souq 2nd Edition 2022 must be made within 5 working days of registering for the initiative
  12. Any and all payments made for registration at Start-Up Souq 2nd Edition 2022 are non-refundable
  13. No information about the judgement process shall be divulged to any party including the jury members
  14. Only registrations for which the award entry fee has been paid shall be considered valid and stand a chance to win
  15. All entries submitted become the property of Stallions Capital and by participating in Start-Up Souq 2nd Edition 2022 you are granting global permission to Stallions Capital to showcase your work at other events hosted by Stallions Capital and their group entities
  16. An application to Start-Up Souq 2nd Edition 2022 shall be considered valid only if all the relevant fields on the registration form are duly filled / uploaded. No refund would be provided for incomplete award entries that get rejected
  17. An entry once made cannot be retracted and will not be eligible for changes or corrections
  18. Disputes if any shall be resolved within the legal jurisdiction of United Arab Emirates